Engage a new perspective.

Your mind is my business

Feeling more stressed than usual? Having trouble with negative thoughts, sleep, or motivation? Do you have a fear or phobia that affects your mental health?

Thoughts are not real – it’s your reaction to the thoughts that creates the problem. Hypnotherapy is the ultimate mind-hack to rewire your brain and transform your life. Anyone who wants and is willing to change can benefit. 

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, chronic pain, eating disorders, addictions, phobias, stress, panic attacks, confidence issues, alcoholism, exam nerves, insomnia, gambling, or stopping smoking, as a trained hypnotherapist, I can help.

Just imagine changing your life in one hour.

Yes, really – one hour can create a shift and transform your life, even if you’ve been ‘stuck’ for years.

Change doesn’t have to take months or years. 

1-3 sessions of hypnotherapy can achieve immediate, long-lasting results. Using a blended, bespoke approach with powerful behavioural science to unlock potential, hypnotherapy achieves results beyond what you can imagine. 

Are you ready to change your life? Contact me today for a no-obligation chat about hypnotherapy. Sessions can be face-to-face in Newcastle upon Tyne or online.


Great organisations train their people to deliver the future by providing a template for a positive learning and growth culture; a culture that optimises performance and wellbeing at work. Consider the impact if you don’t develop them and they stay.

My therapy work began by training with Paul McKenna and my successful private clinic in Jesmond (for corporate and individual clients) continues to grow by reputation, based on results. Online coaching and therapy are also available.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for anybody who wants and is ready to change. This therapy is able to tap into and stimulate the body’s healing resources to bring about positive transformations. You will leave each session armed with a toolbox of powerful tips, techniques and strategies to help you take charge of your life.


This is the time for you to make those changes – call now for an informal chat or further information on how I can help. Client confidentiality is a priority, please see my privacy policy.

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Awards and Accreditations
North East Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2000
North East Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2000
Mental Health Awards '22 Best Results-Focused Hypnotherapist
Mental Health Awards ’22 Best Results-Focused Hypnotherapist
Innovation and Excellence Awards 2020
Innovation and Excellence Awards 2020
Carol Barwick Ltd. UK Hypnotherapist of the Year 2021
Carol Barwick Ltd. UK Hypnotherapist of the Year 2021
SME News 2020 UK Enterprise Awards
SME News 2020 UK Enterprise Awards
Top 3 Hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne
Top 3 Hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne
“Carol delivered a very successful coaching service including powerful tools and interventions to support those suffering from anxiety, stress, early depression or personal issues.”
“Carol changed my life! She inspired and motivated me to make long overdue changes. I have clearer personal and professional goals, and my working and personal relationships have significantly improved. A true professional, at the top of her game.”
CEO, Housing
“An excellent programme that opened my eyes and will motivate me to become a better manager.”
“It was a pleasure to work with Carol, her professionalism and passion for supporting others on their development journeys shines through in every email, phone call, meeting, and masterclass. I would recommend Carol unreservedly.”
Tyne Coast College
“Thank you so much for delivering the Resilience Training last week at our Autumn Conference. All staff who attended the session were extremely complimentary about it and the impact they felt it had on them. They have been talking about it all week!”
Northumberland County Council
“We cannot thank Carol enough for her unique approach and dedicated commitment that she has shown us.”
New College Durham