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"Working with Carol has enabled us to offer high quality CPD. We now have a fantastic platform to build the skills and knowledge of our staff."

New College Durham

"The Managing Transition workshops were excellent. Carol took time to understand current issues and offered powerful techniques and tools to guide staff through this period."

Derwentside Homes

"Your style and enthusiasm are infectious to the audience and your skill and experience are second to none."

J T Dove Limited

"The Conflict Management training was engaging, relevant and impressive. Sessions were made ‘live’ for the delegates, whilst being sympathetic to such a sensitive subject."

Darlington Borough Council

"A fantastic, highly effective workshop. Everyone gained a range of tools they could deploy, making a real, positive difference to our customer experience."

Northern Powergrid
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Your company, your growth, your success and position in today’s global market depend on your people. Good people join your organisation with an expectation of continuous development to complement their existing knowledge and skills. A company that provides this delivers a strong message of stability, and a belief in their contribution.

When those driving your product or service are properly trained and supported, your company operates like a finely tuned engine, each level synchronised and working in harmony for optimum results. Bespoke training and development can support the achievement of this.

So, do you carry out a knowledge, skills and performance MOT? Who in your organisation needs fine tuning, an upgrade or support? Consider the impact on your business if you don’t develop them and they stay!

Great organisations train their people to create and deliver the future by providing a template for a positive learning and growth culture that optimises knowledge, performance and wellbeing at work.

Our approach is distinctive in that it blends training and coaching with the behavioural aspects that create a strong and unbeatable workforce. Get in touch now to find out how we can work in partnership with you to build on your current success.