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Great organisations train their people to deliver the future by providing a template for a positive learning and growth culture; a culture that optimises performance and wellbeing at work. Consider the impact if you don’t develop them and they stay.

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I am an award winning Hypnotherapist with a reputation for delivering results. If you have a fear or phobia, suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, or an addiction to drugs, alcohol or food I am an experienced and approachable specialist qualified to help.

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11th July 2019

Feeling drained? Are you on a vampire’s menu?

“Emotional vampire” (EV) has become a popular term for toxic people who deprive us of our energy; our sense of humour; our…

4th July 2019

Self-Pity or Self-Confidence are Choices

When a crisis hits, we have two options; get depressed or get motivated. This recent article about Andy Murray taking up art…

27th June 2019

Personal Effects: When Privacy Goes Public

Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds proved last weekend that when you are in the media eye, intimate problems can end…