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Great organisations train their people to deliver the future by providing a template for a positive learning and growth culture; a culture that optimises performance and wellbeing at work. Consider the impact if you don’t develop them and they stay.

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I am an award winning Hypnotherapist with a reputation for delivering results. If you have a fear or phobia, suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, or an addiction to drugs, alcohol or food I am an experienced and approachable specialist qualified to help.

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23rd August 2019

Can You Negotiate Like a Statesman?

Whatever your political leaning, recent months have put the negotiation skills of our political elite in the spotlight. As a trained negotiator…

9th August 2019

Corporate Business Maladies—Don’t Treat Symptoms, Find the Source

Illness causes symptoms, but it takes medical knowhow to diagnose disease correctly and even more skill to prescribe a cure. Find the…

1st August 2019

Toxic Office? Spot the 10 Signs

No, I am not talking about a Health and Safety inspector’s tick list (blessed as we are in the UK with an…