Unexpected Actions Make “V for Victory” in Business

In the business of sport, England rugby stars pulled a truly unexpected and iconic ‘V for Victory’ formation out of their hat on Saturday while facing the All Blacks Haka, with England Captain Owen Farrell staring down the Kiwis’ famous dance with a “British Bulldog” glare of tribal triumphalism. ‘We wanted them to know we were ready for the fight’, the team said. It worked.

Who dares wins?

In the business of war, a similarly surprising tactic was used by SAS hero, Andy McNab (depicted in the film, “Bravo Two Zero”), during the Gulf War in 1991, when his eight-man SAS patrol were horribly outnumbered and cornered. Instead of surrendering, they attacked in a wild, rolling assault so terrifyingly rapid and shocking that the enemy scattered in all directions, absolutely freaked at the sheer craziness of the manoeuvre.

In the business of everyday life, there are similarly surprising and unexpected tactics we can employ in our own lives that can transform an uninspiring or deadlock situation with something new and fresh.

But, carefully does it…

Of course, it doesn’t mean reckless disregard for the law or personal security like robbing a bank; or leaving a good marriage and children to go backpacking or storm chasing. If ‘doing the unexpected’ is undertaken with purely selfish motives, it usually does not go well.

Do ‘surprisingly’ unselfish business

In the business world, doing the unexpected with an eye to motivating staff and improving morale pays extraordinary dividends.

Understanding the big difference between recklessness and measured risk, there are unexpected tactics that good leaders and managers employ to encourage innovation and promote new ideas, and it works across the board, whatever department, be it Customer Services; Marketing; Sales; Finance; HR; or the factory floor. If you can employ an unexpected approach to leadership, or do something that prevents every day in the office being just another “Groundhog Day” then staff will respond in a positive way.

‘Sales of the unexpected’

Some unexpected niceties really stand out at work and can disarm even the most difficult people, transforming a poor performing staff member or demotivated team into a winning and committed individual or group. If you’ve ever watched ‘Undercover Boss’, recognising hard work beyond the call of duty or thanking someone who has put in the extra mile in customer service, you will know how effective rewarding a member of staff can be. Whether it’s a promotion, a pay rise, or simply some well-deserved praise; it makes a big difference in retaining staff loyalty and will certainly benefit your bottom line.

Build trust, not terror

Being a surprising leader who motivates through positivity rather than fear keeps you fresh and inspires your team, so work never becomes mind-numbingly repetitive, but instead a place that encourages innovation and promotes and rewards new ideas.

Kind hearts win minds

Leading in unexpected ways will also mean sensitivity towards poor performing members of staff; investigating the reasons for their change in behaviour and offering a chance to improve with encouragement, support, better communication and training. As the saying goes, “A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles”.

Get with the unexpected approach:

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