The best teachers build resilience into their own curriculum.

Teachers are having to handle unprecedented levels of stress professionally and personally. Building Resilience is key to managing stress effectively.

Teaching. It has to be one of the toughest and most stressful jobs out there; on a par with working in social services or the police force.

The confrontations police officers fear most often involve unruly children, particularly teenagers who can react impulsively and irrationally; escalating a minor quarrel into a perfect storm of hot-headed trouble.

But imagine having to deal with a classroom full of noisy young children or hormonal teens, five days a week. For teachers, managing difficult students is just one component of a broad range of responsibilities and pressures unique to education.

The workload on teachers is colossal, as well as constant performance scrutiny – the list below highlights just 12 stresses teachers deal with; it makes the role of chief executive of your average plc look like child’s play.

  1. Lesson planning
  2. Monitoring and managing changes in curriculum
  3. Classroom management and discipline
  4. Dealing with difficult students / difficult classes
  5. Teacher’s evaluation and performance
  6. Ofsted inspections and new appraisal systems
  7. Supervising trainees
  8. Organising extracurricular activity and insurances
  9. Taking work home and homework marking
  10. Pressure from parents and school governors
  11. Job uncertainty
  12. Lack of administrative support etc. etc.

Considering all of the above, as well as dealing with pupils from challenging environments where addiction, violence, poverty, divorce, lack of discipline and low aspirations are rife; means many teachers are barely coping.

Building resilience in the classroom is as important as it is in the boardroom

To operate effectively, teachers must be composed, healthy and motivated. Since 1993 I have worked with educators and teachers and senior managers to help them achieve this through a range of bespoke training and Resilience Building Courses in Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland and County Durham.

The courses have been developed to help teachers regain confidence to think and teach at their best, improving them professionally and personally; reducing anxiety and insomnia, helping their preparation and delivery, with enhanced class dynamics, better relationships with staff and pupils as well as helping them manage work and home life.

If you’re a teacher with three or more of these 10 classic stress symptoms we need to talk:

  1. Physical, then emotional, exhaustion
  2. Short fuses—impatience, irritability, and anger—with students and colleagues
  3. Repression of feelings
  4. Depression and lethargy
  5. General lack of resilience
  6. More frequent absences
  7. No sense of humour
  8. Difficulty being organised
  9. No time to listen to anyone
  10. Frequent illness

Sound familiar?

BBC survey in 2015 polled 3,500 members of the NASUWT teaching union where almost half reported they’d seen a doctor because of work-related mental or physical health problems. (

Teachers hate to let people down, will often go into work when they are sick and typically won’t admit they’re struggling with workload or a class. They also often push personal and family problems to the back of their mind and ignore their own needs as the internal pressures build. It’s why so many teachers get sick during the holidays.

Practical Strategies, tools and coping mechanisms for educators

Stress generates emotional reactions, causing turmoil which results in performance ‘blocks’. My courses help you learn how to build internal strength by changing your mental, physical and emotional responses to stressful situations, remaining calm and more positive. After all, you can’t hope to manage pupils properly if you can’t effectively look after yourself.

I have designed a unique Resilience Toolkit to help you generate positive energy and helpful responses to daily challenges, altering the physiological impact of stress. It enables you to adapt to adversity with tools to power performance and personal growth. Regular use of these tools will not only help manage stress: they will help change the whole school environment for the better.

Here’s a taster of what you will learn in my building resilience masterclass

  • The psychology of stress and how to manage it
  • Triggers that activate unhelpful feelings
  • Building greater emotional awareness
  • master toolkit of techniques, tools and tips for managing stress and building resilience
  • Strategies for staying calm in difficult situations
  • Bespoke case studies
  • Demonstrations to show how to regain control
  • Personal action plan


 A group relaxation is available to close the session (Recorded on individual mobiles for future benefit).

Here’s what previous course attendees have said:

Excellent. Loved all of it!  More please!

I know these techniques will help me when I am feeling stressed/anxious.

Excellent facilitator – shame it was only a half day.

A hands on approach, very helpful both personally and professionally.

A fantastic insight into tools for dealing with stress.

Fantastic session – Carol was amazing and quite inspirational.

Great strategies for coping with life in general.

Brilliant session. The demonstrations were powerful.

I wish all of my trainers were as organised and effective as those from CB Learning & Development.  It makes my job so much easier knowing we can trust you’ll deliver on all aspects of the programme so professionally.

Book now to help your teaching staff and your pupils

If you’re a Head Teacher, Principal or Deputy Head who understands the benefits of staff welfare, you must tackle stress through prevention rather than management. Teachers and Support Staff will benefit from this motivational course to improve morale, reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

Contact me to find out how Resilience Training can work for your school, positively improving your team’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, as well as transforming the learning environment for pupils.

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