Resilience building. What's in it for your business?

To operate effectively, people must be happy, healthy and motivated in their job. I work with businesses to achieve this.

In recent weeks I’ve had the privilege of meeting remarkable people of all ages and job descriptions attending my unique Building Resilience Corporate Courses throughout Newcastle, Northumberland and County Durham.

Groups included council employees and Private Sector businesses, from apprentices just entering the world of work to people approaching retirement; very distinct profiles with different experiences and expectations.

Noticeably a ‘common denominator’ of stress was present throughout all age groups and genders, indiscriminately affecting everyone to some degree, with confidence issues, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, physical and mental exhaustion and absenteeism symptomatic.

The positive feedback from the courses was overwhelming. People thanked me personally for providing the tools and support they needed to transform their mental and physical health both at work and at home.

What’s your stress-busting strategy?

There are many ways to manage stress effectively, but often our automatic responses are the worst ways to cope, such as the emotional bandages of drinking and smoking, over-eating (or not eating at all), and ignoring exercise; all compounding the negative health impacts of stress.

Resilience is key, and it’s not how much you have it’s how you build resilience that matters. It’s a set of skills you can work on throughout your life, preparing them in advance and applying them when needed.

You build resilience over time by changing how you process negative events. You learn to find appreciation in the negative and change it to a positive, recognising the huge learning potential of difficulties and counting your blessings; expressing gratitude for health, home, friends and family, food on the table and so on.

Seven big ideas in my toolkit

My Resilience Toolkit is designed to help individuals approach challenges by thinking differently. It will help your team apply new ways of thinking to make them engaged, fulfilled, less stressed and more productive. It helps personally too with a philosophy that extends throughout all areas of life.

Seven key themes include:

1 Embracing change – Instead of running from a difficult situation or challenge, grasping it as an opportunity for adapting, learning and self-development.

2 Taking action – Action is the enemy of stress. Working on solutions to challenges to put you in control, rather than letting situations control you.

3 Being positive about abilities – Reminding yourself about your strengths and achievements to power you through the current challenge, viewing setbacks as temporary and overcome-able.

4 Setting orderly goals – Brainstorming solutions, and breaking them down into manageable steps.

5 Developing a strong social network – Sharing feelings with colleagues, friends and family to provide vital support, team-inspired ideas and solutions.

6 Minding your language – Rephrasing negative statements with positive speech, developing dialogue that motivates and inspires.

7 Killing self-defeating thoughts – Developing positive thinking; not ignoring reality in favour of happy thoughts, but taking a proactive approach to life, finding effective ways to resolve conflict and explore creative solutions to problems.

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