Lack of trust in your workplace? Spot these 7 signs.

Can you trust your colleagues and are you a trusted member of your team? Building trust in the workplace transforms how people work together, improving teamwork, staff retention and profitability.

A lack of trust is one of the most difficult situations a manager has to deal with in an organisation. Broken trust can drastically affect a company’s operations, adversely affecting the bottom line.

So how do you recognise it?

7 Symptoms of damaged trust:

  1. Internal teams continually at odds with each other i.e. Sales and Customer Service teams arguing
  2. Individuals not getting along; people separating out into cliques and factions
  3. An atmosphere of suspicion and tension, whispering by the coffee machine and furtive chats in corridors
  4. Leadership team hiding inside offices with doors closed and blinds down (Ivory Tower syndrome)
  5. Bosses failing to openly share their thoughts and concerns
  6. Staff treading on eggshells with racing thoughts of suspicion or anxiety about colleagues
  7. Top performers overwhelmed with work, too fearful to delegate in case work isn’t done correctly.

Commonly, behaviours like these can be nailed to a breakdown in trust and a fear someone will fail to perform or is unable or unwilling to express honest views and concerns.

Mistrust is a reasonable reaction to feeling betrayed or abandoned in the workplace, resulting in self-doubt, anger and anxiety. It can happen at any level in an organisation, from shop floor to boardroom, and prevents otherwise productive teams working harmoniously, culminating in poor morale, lower productivity, increased staff turnover, and a toxic work environment.

The benefits of creating trust in the workplace

We all know what trust feels like, but do you know what trust looks like? One of my most popular workshops is how to gain, sustain and maintain Trust in the Workplace.

You will see the visible results of applying tried and tested strategies to create trust throughout your business and to help you achieve the following outcomes

  1. Higher levels of collaboration between individuals and departments
  2. Effective execution of business strategy
  3. Increased commitment and loyalty, lower staff turnover
  4. Higher performing teams who are more creative
  5. More adventurous attitudes inclined towards greater participation and innovation
  6. An atmosphere where cooperation and loyalty is engendered

When people trust each other they make important evaluations at a subconscious level:

You believe in each other’s sincerity. Honesty in communication comes across in what people say and how they act upon it, giving their words credibility. Can people ‘trust’ what you say?

You view each other as reliable. Dedication to meeting commitments in a timely manner is proof of reliability. Doing what you say you’ll do builds confidence.

You are seen as competent. As confidence builds so competence is established as you prove you can do what you say you will do using your skill, knowledge, and resources.

My workshops help individuals and teams who feel hurt or injured to rebuild trust through developing a culture founded on sincerity, reliability, and competence.

8 Strategies include:

  1. Diagnosing and repairing trust in yourself and others.
  2. Building Resilience to stress and uncertainty
  3. Helping you becoming self-aware of behaviours that cause mistrust and destroy other people’s confidence in you.
  4. Earning and giving trust. Develop a pattern of consistent and desired behaviours and attitudes in yourself and others.
  5. Recognising and overcoming bureaucratic methods of control which undermine trust and kill inspiration
  6. Adopting a pattern of honesty and openness in your language
  7. Relinquishing micro-management and effective delegation methods to truly inspire your team.
  8. Creating mutual flows of trust between leadership and staff, earning trust and giving trust.

If you feel your office environment has an atmosphere of distrust, fear and suspicion, it’s time to talk.

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