How to spot a Mental Health Crisis in your Workplace

Can you spot the signs of mental illness in your workplace?

With Mental Health Awareness Week starting on Monday 14th May, it’s great news that mental health issues are no longer viewed as extraordinary, as business leaders acknowledge the importance of good mental health in the workplace.

It’s astonishing how many classifications of mental illness there are and even more surprising is how widespread the problem is. People we bump into every day can be managing a distressing mental health issue and most of us wouldn’t know it; such has been the stigma of mental illness for countless generations it has been swept under the rug as a source of shame for many sufferers.

‘Madness’ out in the open

So how refreshing it is to hear people like Prince Harry, Adele, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ellie Goulding and countless others, talk so candidly about their mental health battles. Such openness from people who we assume have it all and have their lives ‘so together’ paves the way for the rest of us open up too. It also shows how mental health doesn’t discriminate – anyone can be affected by it.

Do you have a mental health issue or does a colleague?

If you manage or supervise staff or have responsibility for workplace wellbeing it is essential for you to be aware of mental health issues, and that means recognising your own problems as well as those within your team.

Seen as a ‘slow-growing epidemic’ the number of people dealing with mental health concerns has increased by 10 per cent in the last 10 years and poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence; often related to worries about job security, finances and general uncertainty. In the UK between 2016/17, 12.5 million working days were lost due to work related stress, anxiety and depression.

The top 10 workplace symptoms which may indicate a mental health issue in yourself or a colleague are:

  1. Stress and anxiety
  2. Anger and hostility towards customers and colleagues
  3. Physical and emotional exhaustion
  4. Difficulty being organised
  5. Depression and tiredness
  6. Low self-esteem and confidence
  7. Drug and alcohol addiction issues
  8. Sleep problems
  9. Increased absences
  10. Social withdrawal

Such symptoms can also be indicators of high level mental illness including:

  • – Mania and bipolar disorders
  • – Body image issues including anorexia and bulimia
  • – Self-harming (e.g. cutting and burning)
  • – OCD and debilitating phobias
  • – Depressive psychosis (high level depression) and schizophrenia
  • – Suicide ideation (related to dealing with any of the above)

Anyone with these serious mental health concerns should immediately be encouraged to see their GP for evaluation, counselling and support.

Emotional Intelligence and training to build resilience

It is not right or even possible for an office manager or a member of Human Resources to act in a psychiatric capacity. However, there are proven and effective ways to mitigate mental health problems and to promote general mental wellbeing in your business and at home founded on best practice and good workplace values.

My aim is to help you recognise mental health issues in your workplace and provide you with a range of effective resources for dealing with stress and anxiety, the two major components of all mental illness, and provide a template to help you create and sustain a positive learning and growth culture to promote wellbeing at work.

I understand that Building Resilience is foundational to a healthy work environment, encouraging a happier and more productive workforce and team as well as dealing with conflicts through effective mediation.

My courses provide expert training sessions with advice and guidance on managing stress and worry, using my unique Resilience Building Toolkit of resources that can be accessed and applied both at work and at home.

Here’s a taster of what you will learn in my Building Resilience Masterclass

  • The psychology of stress and how to manage it
  • Triggers that activate unhelpful feelings
  • Building greater emotional awareness
  • master toolkit of techniques, tools and tips for managing stress and building resilience
  • Strategies for staying calm in difficult situations
  • Bespoke case studies
  • Live demonstrations to show how to regain control
  • Personal action plan


A group relaxation is available to close the session (Recorded on individual mobiles for future benefit).

6 Benefits of Good Mental health at work

Because it’s a legal requirement for businesses to encourage mental health wellbeing in the workplace, it is important employers are involved with supporting employees with mental health problems.

Providing mental health support at work has measurable benefits including:

  • 1. Meeting your duty of care and legal obligations as an employer
  • 2. Lowers absenteeism by building resilience to stress
  • 3. Reduces staff turnover and the cost of lost production and recruitment
  • 4. Nurtures open and honest communication with your team
  • 5. Creates a strong and positive workplace environment
  • 6. Increases business productivity and improves sales

My half-day workplace wellbeing courses are designed to equip your managers with the tools to help staff throughout the business especially those with a latent or active mental health condition, as well as managing return to work.

Contact me to find out how my workshops can work for your business, positively improving your team’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing

Here’s what previous course attendees have said:

Excellent. Loved all of it!  More please!

Great strategies for coping with life in general.

I know these techniques will help me when I am feeling stressed/anxious.

Excellent facilitator – shame it was only a half day.

A hands on approach, very helpful both personally and professionally.

A fantastic insight into tools for dealing with stress.

Fantastic session – Carol was amazing and quite inspirational.

Brilliant session. The live demonstrations were powerful.

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