Don’t let the ‘Internet of Things’ be an Exocet of Stress

The business forecast is ‘5G’, as the so called ‘Internet of Things’ is being rapidly integrated into our global infrastructure. You’d be right to exclaim, “How’s it going to affect me?”

It’s alarming how quickly new technology is appearing at such an exponential rate. It seems we just finish learning one new thing and something else supersedes it. It’s exhausting and expensive keeping up.

Ch ch ch changes

I don’t want to show my age, but in the late 1970s I remember how manual typewriters were overtaken by electric ‘golf-ball’ typewriters like that one which typed the Football Pools’ results on “World of Sport”. These too were superseded by Word Processors a decade later. If you’ve worked in an office, shop or factory over the last 30 years you’ve just witnessed the most dizzying rate of technological change in the world of work ever, and it’s not slowing down.

Organisational change has never been as frenetic

Change in organisations is not just driven by technology, but also other forces including customers and markets. Brexit and the political dithering over a “Deal” or “No Deal” is the most topical example of how socio-political change affects the workplace, not least in uncertainty.

“We’ve always done it this way”

Whatever your business, the pace of change is rapid and your staff may be confused and fearful. Companies who don’t manage change well will lose staff and profits to competitors who do.

Active leadership reduces stress and improves performance

Change management is never passive. Like playing “whack-a-mole” you need to anticipate and act at the right moment and the game never stops. It’s why working as a team and including employees in the decision-making process with everyone learning new behaviours is part of the strategy. In so doing, companies adapt faster and ensure changes ‘stick’ by giving everyone a sense of ownership in achieving critical business outcomes.

Worry is debilitating

People want to know how change touches them directly and to feel in control, because change causes worry and anxiety, affecting performance. Lack of communication about change from leaders causes resentment among staff.

The consequences of not managing change effectively are long lasting, so it’s important you understand the issues and have the best tools to support change-management initiatives.

A toolkit to manage change, reduce stress and lower anxiety

My bespoke Leadership & Management courses can be delivered separately, or as mix and match programmes. Select from my 90 minute “buzz sessions”, seminars, half day workshops or full day events and get my essential toolkit to lubricate the wheels of change in your business.

Change is inevitable, make it controllable

As a manager or leader you need the skills, knowledge and positive approach to drive initiatives for effective change, understanding and working within the network of people affected from shop floor; to sales and marketing; finance through to customer relations. My courses empower you and your team to improve output, take control and feel personal satisfaction through playing an effective role.

5 benefits to you:

More successful outcomes – Data and experience demonstrates that managing change with a people-centred approach retains and attracts the best staff, and benefits your bottom line.

Reduces costs – Helping your team cope with change in a managed way, anticipating challenges before they happen, shows you value your staff and they repay you with greater loyalty and commitment.

Builds leadership and management skills – Effective change management is an essential organisational tool for bosses and managers, reducing the waste of talent that can occur when leaders don’t proactively manage their workforce.

Smoother, stress-free transitions – Orderly organisational change where benefits are communicated and staff are involved leads to improved compliance with reduced stress and lower resistance, so the whole business benefits.

Future-ready confidence – Continuous change is necessary to remain competitive and successful. The longer the timeline to implement a change, the better the options available to your organisation so taking control of change management as part of your company philosophy makes you and your team adaptable to market forces.

Bespoke courses for your business

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