Develop positive
relationships at work.

"Carol listened to what we needed, developed, implemented and carried out a personalised plan. Working closely with team members meant that careful, insightful and effective work was carried out, service improvements were made which are still evident today, six months later."

Darlington Council

"A very sensitive issue between two colleagues was affecting the team.  The difference the sessions made to both the individuals is truly amazing.  Carol also tackled personal issues which had impacted on their working relationship.  The transformation of one colleague is beyond expression."

New College Durham
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Positive relationships at work are great for communication, morale and productivity. Equally discord, disagreements and disputes can impact negatively on individuals, team performance, service standards, reputation and profit. Because of this the place of work can easily become a toxic minefield, where morale, energy and communication are adversely affected.

This situation can challenge, weaken and even erode the confidence of management. Silos can arise as staff decide who they support as this is human behaviour. No one likes to admit they have conflict, so often the unmet needs that created the conflict are ignored. The situation can then become entrenched and last for months, or even years if not addressed in the right way.

The physical, emotional and mental health of those involved will be affected in a negative way which leads to a poisonous atmosphere at work. This can result in increased absence and an exodus of good people. All of this, which is avoidable, become a drain on the organisation in both time and lost revenue.

Using a range of tools derived from years of clinical experience blended with business experience I seek to identify, address and remove the root cause of the misunderstandings, negative emotions, blockages and individual drivers that have fuelled the situation.

A focused solution

As an expert in behaviour my approach is a powerful mix of techniques. It is confidential, impartial and designed to support those affected so they can reframe the situation as quickly as possible, and move towards practical solutions that feel fair to everyone.

If management has been affected bespoke coaching is offered, to strengthen the leadership that has been challenged, so confidence, control and respect are regained. I work quickly using a 5 step approach to achieve rapid results

  • Approach
  • Referral
  • Individual Consultation
  • Joint Mediation
  • Outcome

Gaining trust in a confidential setting is vital from the outset to engage clarity and ownership in the process of resolution. My methods have proved to be very successful, even in instances where other methods have failed.