Focus on solutions,
not problems.

"Carol delivered a very successful coaching service including powerful tools and interventions to support those suffering from anxiety, stress, early depression or personal issues."


"Working with Carol is life changing. I gained more energy, more confidence, and the belief that I could make the changes I needed. She is very motivational."

Senior Manager, Higher Education

"Carol is a practitioner of the highest order, solving tactical and strategic problems. She helped me transform the sales leadership team to help my company gain competitive advantage."

Chairman, Private Company

"Carol gave me a purpose and direction, this significantly improved many areas of my work, in particular motivation and confidence. The relaxation techniques were excellent."

Team Leader, Manufactoring

"I was feeling demotivated and negative which affected my confidence. Working with Carol I felt an immediate and positive change, which was noticed by colleagues on my return to work."

Supervisor, Manufactoring

"Carol changed my life! She inspired and motivated me to make long overdue changes. I have clearer personal and professional goals, and my working and personal relationships have significantly improved. A true professional, at the top of her game."

CEO, Housing

"Coaching from Carol is a life changing experience. She is very motivational and I have much more energy and confidence in my abilities."

Manager, Higher Education

"I attended the coaching with Carol with low expectations but an open mind. She is truly exceptional and has a gift. I wish I had met her 3 years ago. Ten out of ten. I’ve remained at work and cope well now."

Manager, Manufactoring

"I now have a greater level of control over my stress levels. Thanks again for your support, guidance & advice, which was eye opening and nothing like I expected."

Quality Manager, Manufactoring
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Traditional classroom based training is not always appropriate where managers are uncomfortable discussing development needs or performance gaps in front of their peers.

Coaching focuses on solutions rather than problems and will benefit anyone responsible for improving performance while developing the knowledge and skills of their team.

Coaching can support your managers to:

  • Become more self-reliant, focused and engaged
  • Increase their accountability, clarity and ownership
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Be more productive and effective
  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organisation
  • Gain more job and life satisfaction

Used in conjunction with other training and development activities, coaching plays a valuable role in improving working relationships, supporting change management, reducing stress, preserving staff retention and nurturing leadership potential.


Sessions can take the form of real work observations and reviews, general discussions or focused outcome led sessions. This powerful and effective tool is perfect for management and leadership development, because it offers a confidential and non-threatening environment where individual needs can be addressed.

The aim is to build upon the individual’s current level of knowledge, and to understand the issues from their perspective; specifically in terms of barriers, blockages and any other impacts which may result in lost or limited opportunities.  The focus is on the individual’s personal development, performance and confidence.

Each session is designed to be a collaborative development of new approaches, tools and techniques, which help address current issues, and can also be applied in the future.

Through an open and honest discussion our coaching programmes are designed to underpin and develop the current level of expertise, building a full tool kit of skills and ideas to help grow and enhance performance. Then, as competence and understanding develop, so does the ability to effectively build on the individual’s capability leading to improved performance.