Corporate Business Maladies—Don’t Treat Symptoms, Find the Source

Illness causes symptoms, but it takes medical knowhow to diagnose disease correctly and even more skill to prescribe a cure.

Find the source

In business, corporate maladies require the correct diagnoses before intervening with a prescription; otherwise, you could be amputating a limb in the Sales Department when all that’s needed is a massage in Marketing.

The actions you take to remedy corporate problems can be a waste of time at best or systemically devastating at worst if you simply deal with symptoms. It’s like hiding the oil warning light on your dashboard with black tape instead of fixing the leak.

Diagnose opportunities for action and growth

Corporate organs and systems, like those in the body, have complex relationships. Understanding their interactions is the first step in treatment.

By careful examination of workplace symptoms such as conflict, gossip, failing sales or quality control mistakes, it’s possible to pinpoint the source of problems and apply the right treatment, but if you’re the boss it could be poor leadership that’s the problem. It takes a brave leader to admit s/he needs help.

What prescription does your business need?                               

In the TV programme “Undercover Boss” the leader of an organisation finds a way to see the business through the eyes of employees. A common symptom highlighted is sloppy customer service and the diagnosis is often an unskilled manager lacking empathy, creating indifference down the line. S/he might call employees lazy or stupid, but the real reason for poor performance or morale is often poor leadership and that staff are unclear about their purpose beyond profit and see no benefit in doing anything but the absolute minimum.

Understand employee engagement

Bosses who build their business to have a purpose beyond profit and who can connect the work within the company to a higher purpose (easier for charitable organisations and public bodies than private sector) earn the respect and care of their staff. You don’t have to be a charity to garner respect from employees, but you do need to engage staff with the broader mission of the company, and help them see how their role contributes to it, rewarding conscientiousness and demonstrating staff matter as people, and not just as their job function. That is the mark of a good boss and vital for attracting and retaining talent.

Leaders need treatment as much as staff

As a professional trainer, coach and mentor for over 18 years, I have worked with entrepreneurial leaders in all industry sectors. A common complaint from managers, supervisors and team leaders (especially those who have moved up the ranks in an organisation) is that they recognise they need coaching and mentoring themselves to be a better boss. Support staff lacking motivation also often blame inadequate training, being kept out of the loop in decision-making, being frightened to disagree or say what they think, or feeling they have no stake in the business.

At Carol Barwick Learning and Development Ltd (CBLD) my focus is on getting the best out of every individual to create a well-oiled-machine-of-a-team. You can do it too.

Emergency business paramedic

We understand the need for urgent intervention when symptoms of business malaise begin to overwhelm management. CBLD delivers Leadership & Management Development, Corporate & Executive Coaching, Training and Mediation.

Leadership Coaching

My courses include the option of coaching for bosses and managers and are tailor made for your particular business to ensure it is completely relevant, reflecting your company culture and business priorities in every session.

Sessions are designed to:

  • Engage you mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Provide a challenge, but only where required for developing your business
  • Raise issues that relate to YOUR business
  • Stimulate new ideas and approaches
  • Be targeted to your specific development
  • Involve a well-developed review process
  • Enable effective learning transfer
  • Increase confidence and motivation

We ask you the right questions to deliver the right treatment

Our “Business Paramedic Questionnaire” helps us precisely target your priorities

An essential investment for any level of manager, these affordable courses deliver results on a personal and corporate level.

Measurable results

Our established programmes are delivered by experienced professionals with so much to offer including the option of longer-term support through an experienced mentor. Courses are backed by outstanding testimonials from many North East business leaders. Please contact me to find out more and transform your business health.