Deal Or No Deal; Must I Stress About It?

Quite often I find myself snubbing the morning news as I prepare for a day’s training or hypno-coaching; averting my gaze from the constant dismal and depressing headlines as I pass newspaper stands.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by gloomy realities in the media, adding to the stress you might already be feeling in your job or from difficulties at home. I know for many of my business clients the uncertainty of what’s happening around Brexit is frustrating and  stressful; and there’s no doubt the media enjoys toying with Brexit disaster scenarios whatever camp they’re in.

Adding items to our “personal stress list” with news about events we have no control over is of zero benefit. This doesn’t mean we ignore current affairs around us, it just means gaining victory over our personal battles first before we prepare to take on the wider world.

So what can be done? Firstly, recognise some forms of stress are positive attributes of life and help get us out of bed in the morning; to earn a crust or to take on the next big thing.

Positive stress is character-building as we meet important deadlines and deal with big challenges and life enhancing changes like marriage; moving house or a new job. However, adverse situations like divorce; workplace change; unemployment or financial difficulties can be triggers for negative stress which can be physically and mentally shattering.

Recognise these stress symptoms:

  • Problems sleeping or excessive tiredness
  • Headaches and general pains persisting over long periods of time
  • Anxiety aligned with breathlessness and palpitations
  • Lack of appetite or conversely, overeating
  • Feeling irritable, snappy and tearful
  • Drinking too much alcohol or smoking
  • Suicidal thoughts or apathy towards life

When stress becomes a constant and unwelcome presence it’s time to take steps…

Workplace or home stress?

Boss or employee – no one is immune. If you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself as an employer or employee, it’s vital you seek help. Business stress overlaps into stress at home and vice versa; problems at home do not disappear when you get into the office. Effectively managing stress wherever it arises is key.

My powerful toolkit helps you overcome the ABC of FEAR

In my courses, I use acronyms to explain foundational causes of stress and anxiety including FEAR: “False Evidence Appearing Real” and ABC, “Acquired Behavioural Complex,” which is simply behavioural patterns you learned from your parents and those close to you as a child.

The anxious mind creates powerful false scenarios triggered by learned “Automatic Negative Thoughts”, or ANTS (there’s another one for you). Your inner “voice” of negativity connects up a loop of fear and anxiety in a vicious cycle. It is my job to train your mind to unlearn such false thoughts and sever the connection powering your fear and anxiety motor.

Great for business

My bespoke corporate courses are of benefit to all levels of staff, and provide a range of tools and techniques for addressing stress along with powerful training, coaching and mediation techniques for the workplace.

Courses can be delivered separately, or as mix and match programmes to meet the needs of the organisation..
Select from 90 minute buzz sessions, seminars, half day workshops or full day events.

One-to-one sessions

My hypnotherapy sessions and other interventions, aimed at building self-awareness and confidence are available for individuals ranging from overcoming fears, phobias, anxiety, addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, gambling), and panic attacks.

Contact me to overcome personal barriers and self-limiting beliefs.

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