Batting "Googlys" and "Doosras" in Cricket and Business

English cricketers are used to being resilient, especially in World Cup matches.

Before winning the World Cup in July, England last reached the final in 1992, and have lost exactly half of their 38 World Cup matches and only seven of their 18 victories have come against Test-playing teams, not one of those in a knockout match.

A resilient spirit and new tactics clinch victory

Winning the Cricket World Cup in 2019 has seen the tables turn, with English cricket in the ascendant as it was in Botham and Gower days. It is testimony to sporting resilience that the team has journeyed from World Cup failure in 2015 to victory in 2019, apparently down to more aggressive batting tactics, with Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes epitomising this strategy.

As the old adage goes, failure defeats losers but inspires winners, as Ben Stokes’ spectacular innings of 135 not-out last week proves, sealing England’s highest ever run chase in Test cricket, and one of the most memorable days in recent English cricket history, a day which didn’t start well at all…

Don’t let a bad start dictate your finish

..Expectations of England levelling up at one match each rapidly diminished after Captain Joe Root fell early for 77. The temptation at this point was for England to acquiesce to negativity and weaken their resolve; however, Ben Stokes came to the fore, batting with six other English batsmen on the day.

Stokes stunned the Headingley crowd, batting boundary after boundary to victory, simultaneously keeping the nation’s hopes alive of completing a World Cup and Ashes double. Speaking to Sky Sports’ immediately after the game Stokes said: “You never give up, it’s not over til it’s over…”

Success founded on failure

As a business trainer, coach and mentor, I agree with Ben Stokes. I have failed many times myself, but thanks to great teachers, I learned that failure often delivers a bigger lesson than success as long as we persevere and use every disappointment as a stepping-stone to a greater achievement. I for one will be glued to the TV next week for the Fourth Test at Old Trafford.

Batting life’s googlys

In cricket, “googlys” and “doosras” are the undetectable spinners that unexpectedly catch you out unawares, mirroring life’s setbacks, whether it’s sport, business or a personal obstacle like divorce, ill health, redundancy or financial loss; it is vital to remember that it’s how you handle the situation that matters.

Understanding that life’s googlys are delivered when we least expect them, I have developed a Building Resilience Masterclass through Carol Barwick Learning and Development (CBLD) Ltd to help you manage stress and perform under pressure.

  1. Masterclass: Building Resilience – Reducing Stress

 A masterclass packed with powerful techniques, tools and tips to support staff wellbeing

The work place is a key factor in the build-up of stress resulting in a costly burden to organisations and individuals, with consequences in terms of ill health, poor relationships and lower productivity.

Your thoughts about a certain situation can often affect how you feel both physically and emotionally, as well as how you act in response. When properly managed stress can motivate individuals towards greater performance and achievement. Those who understand their individual limits and triggers are at a great advantage.

This bespoke course is designed to explore and understand the causes of work-related stress, its signs, symptoms and origins, and the key principles of health and wellbeing, leading to a healthier, happier and more resilient working life, where a spirit of ‘performing under pressure’ can be created.


To introduce a variety of fast tools and techniques that can build internal strength and literally change the mental, physical and emotional responses to stressful situations.


  • Knowledge and understanding of the main physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms of stress in themselves and others
  • Increased ability to remain calm in difficult situations
  • Use relaxation as powerful coping strategy
  • A master toolkit of techniques, tools and tips for building resilience and wellbeing (main focus)
  • Bespoke case studies
  • Live demonstrations of the most effective tools and techniques
  • Practical action plan for the workplace

**SPECIAL FEATURE** (where time allows)

A group relaxation is available to close the session (Recorded on mobiles for future benefit)

This confidence building masterclass is designed for staff at every level of business, from managers to support staff.  More resilient people “bat the doosras” and adapt to adversity, less resilient people have a harder time and resist change.  Those who deal with minor stresses more easily usually manage major crises better, so resilience has its benefits for daily life as well as major catastrophe.

Like Ben Stokes, resilient people do not let adversity define them, they use it to power personal growth. They find resilience by moving towards a goal beyond themselves, transcending life’s challenges by perceiving the bad times as temporary.


  • Improved awareness of the impact and signs of stress in the workplace
  • Reduced incidences of absence due to work-related stress
  • Greater staff motivation
  • Tools to build employee resilience to pressures and demands, improving both their health, well-being and performance.


This interactive, lively and fast paced masterclass delivered by Carol Barwick includes a mixture of facilitator led discussion, group exercises and personal reflections linked to real-life situations.  Each participant will leave with practical tools, techniques and coping mechanisms for understanding and dealing with stress and pressure.

Delegates will be actively encouraged to take part throughout, but will never be made to ‘perform’ or participate in situations that they find uncomfortable.

DURATION – 3 hours

To book this great value course or for information on the full range of CBLD Ltd’s bespoke coaching and training courses, please contact me.