5 Self-Motivation and Engagement tips for your workplace

Self-motivation is a skill to be learned for all aspects of your life, including the workplace.

In the engine of your body, demotivation feels like grinding rusty cogs through treacle. As you slump around, yawning, eyes barely open, your lethargy reaches a point where you’re nearly flat-lining as you shuffle paper from one tray to another on your desk. Fear adds to demoralisation as your predicament dawns on you causing stress and anxiety for good measure.

Yep, we’ve all had a job where a toilet break feels like an escape from Colditz.

Is it possible to break free?

There are some awful jobs out there. A friend of mine once spent day after day being dropped off by his boss at various drab industrial estates to sell photocopiers unannounced to businesses which had ‘no cold-callers’ sternly pasted on their doors. Amazingly, he had such a positive attitude he succeeded.

Engaging positivity and maintaining motivation are essential elements of living well, achieving goals and thriving in all aspects of your life, including the workplace.

The mind, body and spirit are intrinsically linked. If one part of the triangle is weak, the others lose support and the whole comes crashing down causing symptoms of stress, depression and even suicidal inclinations.

How to build motivation, engagement and resilience at work

Absenteeism and frequent employee turnover are the most common symptoms of a demotivated workforce. Bosses and managers can galvanise their leadership by supporting and valuing staff, giving them a positive vision for their future with good development opportunities. Lighting the fire within people rather than under them.

People are your passport to growth

Motivation comes from both within ourselves and from the encouragement of others. It is a state of mind you choose to adopt and will garner results you never dreamed of.

Knowing how to motivate yourself and your team is crucial to maintain balance, sustain energy and build resilience whatever the working day brings.

It is vital that managers shape roles that individuals can really make their own, so they can engage at a level where they gain maximum satisfaction from their contribution. If a job is satisfying physically or intellectually (or preferably both), staff will be more productive and their work will reflect their enthusiasm with direct benefits to the individual, team and bottom line.

Because of the pace of life today, we sometimes find our energy, positivity and performance is drained. Finding ways to promote motivation is very important.

Here are my top 5 tips for staying motivated

1. Goal setting: Set short, medium and long-term goals for yourself at work and personally. They should be realistic and achievable objectives with a deadline when you intend to achieve them.

2. Hang out with positive people: Regardless of your situation, people with a ‘can-do’ attitude will uplift your state of mind even when you feel low and beaten. It’s good to chat to people like this if you need a boost from negative thoughts by meeting up or calling them on the phone. Don’t linger with moaners and complainers.

3. Remember your achievements: Think of all the positive stuff you’ve done in the past and reflect on the great experiences you’ve had. Recall the times you sailed through adverse situations unharmed.

4. Use mistakes as experiences: Fail forward and learn from past mistakes without dwelling on them. The mistakes we make as we go through life hold vital lessons and are a foundation for our future success.

5. Use stress to your advantage: Stress can be negative or positive. It’s how you manage it that matters: Positive stress arises when you step up to the challenge of solving work related or domestic problems by facing up to issues and dealing with them. It’s called Building Resilience and involves some effort, but using your strength to overcome a negative and stressful situation will leave you satisfied and happy once the issue is resolved.

Stressful days and challenges in life are inevitable. To stay motivated we all need some help from time to time. It’s why my Motivational Workshops are so popular.

Learn key techniques, tools and tips for making the best of every day

With years of experience in business and having had plenty of knockbacks myself, my interactive Motivational Workshops for the Workplace are designed to help you and your staff develop essential self-motivation techniques.

My inspirational programmes help you overcome failure and build resilience so you can flip negative situations into positive ones. You and your team will learn motivational thought processes to promote and sustain energy, build engaging and positive workplace environments and improve team collaboration at every level.

What is covered?

Informative, entertaining and full of useful tips and techniques, my workshops bring motivation alive for delegates with lots of participation, exercises, discussions and regular feedback sessions including

  1. The key elements of self-motivation
  2. How to build and maintain a positive energy
  3. The importance of good health and wellbeing
  4. How to overcome failure
  5. How to deal with criticism (internal and external)
  6. The significance of creating a motivational environment
  7. Delivering behavioural shifts to transform customer and colleague communication
  8. How to flip a negative experience into a positive outcome

Bespoke courses addressing additional issues such as training, coaching and managing conflict through mediation can also be arranged on request.

If you want to learn how to build energy and personal power to optimise balance at work and personally, it’s time to talk and discover sustainable and measurable results for your business.

Here’s what previous workshop attendees have said:

Excellent. Loved all of it! More please!

Great strategies for coping with life in general.

I know these techniques will help me when I am feeling stressed/anxious.

Excellent facilitator – shame it was only a half day.

A hands on approach, very helpful both personally and professionally.

A fantastic insight into tools for dealing with stress.

Fantastic session – Carol was amazing and quite inspirational.

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